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Pirate’s day… ARRR!


We had a fantastic pirate themed day today. All of the children looked fabulous and loved earning their pirate certificates. Thank you to all of the parents who joined us at our KS1 pirate assembly. We had a fun filled day doing activities such as, a treasure hunt and ‘Make me a pirate’ art.

Here are some photos of the children enjoying their day.

Pirate day on PhotoPeach

Olympic week at Barlow Hall


Last week was filled with fun sports activities. The children played tennis, handball, rugby and Taekwondo. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our Olympic themed sports day, doing the high jump, racing over the hurdles, throwing the javelin and a running race. Thanks to all the parents who got involved!!

Olympic week on PhotoPeach

Paralympic torch


Barlow Hall Primary school was very lucky last week to get to see and carry the paralympic torch around our school. Here are some photos of us supporting the carriers.

Paralympic torch on PhotoPeach

Maths day 2016


KS1 enjoyed lots of outdoor maths activities during this year’s Maths day. We had a special maths hunt, did some measuring and played some number games. It was great fun!

Maths day 2016 on PhotoPeach

Next half term


Next half term, Key Stage One’s new Science topic will be animals and their habitats. If the children have some free time over half term, you could encourage them to find out some facts about different animals and where they live. They can feed back to us after the holiday about their findings.

Our literacy unit will be based on pirates and our whole school theme is the Olympics! Any extra learning or research the children do at home can be brought into school to present to their peers.

The children have all worked extremely hard this half term and we are very proud of them. We hope they all have a great holiday.

Thanks for your continued support,
Key Stage One team

Promenade performance


Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the promenade performance. The children were fantastic and we are all very proud of them. For those of you who couldn’t join us, Mrs Kay’s class did a wonderful dance to the ‘Circle of Life’, Miss Hughes’class sang a song they had composed about communicating through sign language and Mrs Arrevillagas class sang their class song ‘What I am’. I’m sure if you ask them they will be able to give you a solo performance at home!

Promenade on PhotoPeach

Space post-learn


The children have loved this half term’s topic of ‘Where can I visit on my rocket?’ They have learnt so much and have all been extremely enthusiastic and engaged. As a way of showing what they have learnt, they created posters in groups and then presented it to the rest of their classmates.

Space post-learn on PhotoPeach

Year 2 Tea Party


Year 2 had a fabulous time last week at their tea party. They enjoyed their treats and having a chance to play out in the quad. Thank you to all the parents who joined us. The children really appreciated it!

Year 2 Tea Party on PhotoPeach

This week so far!


Year 1

Year 1 have spent their week doing lots of activities and learning based on their teddies.  They have measured their teddies, written descriptive pieces about them and even built some dens for them to live in!  Tomorrow they will be making their own sandwiches for their picnic.  Hopefully the sun will come out in the afternoon for them to have a great Teddy Bear Picnic!


Year 2

All of the adults in Key Stage 1 are extremely proud of our Year 2 children.  They have all shown excellent resilience and dedication this week.  We will be celebrating their fantastic achievements next week with our theatre trip (Thursday 27th May) and also at their tea party tomorrow.  Please come along and join us at 2pm if you can to celebrate with us!  We would love to see you there.

Thanks for all the support and great home learning!



KS1’s learning challenge this half term is ‘Where could my space rocket take me?’. The children had a WOW day on Thursday. The children participated in a dance lesson where they thought about how it would feel on the Earth, sun and moon. They did some maths work and looked at the relative size of the moon, Earth and the sun and tackled some challenging maths questions and also had a debate about which place would be the best place to visit. The children had some excellent questions and ideas about the Earth, sun and moon. Here are some photos of our work so far!

Space on PhotoPeach

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